Thursday, May 28, 2015

THIS is the perfect time of year for kite surfing.

We haven't had much rain so the water is really clear, There were about 20 people out on the water on Saturday. "When conditions are like this we usually get this many people out on the water.

However, there looked to be a medium chance of showers in most days this week.

This is because the "onshore flow" had some moisture in it.... [Jeff Blemaster Kitesurfer]

Jeff Blemaster attending Battle for the Bay watersports festival 2015

The strand will play host to a leg of this year's Kit Boardercross Championships as well as the Stand-up Paddy Boarding Competition.

At the festival, will see kite surfers from all over the world descending to showcase their spectacular skills and compete for the King or Queen of the Bay crown.

This year will feature race and freestyle competitions, with riders performing daring technical tricks and feats... [Jeff Blemaster Kitesurfing]

What to expect from kitesurfing lessons by Jeff Blemaster

Wind is a powerful force. Its destructive and sometimes unpredictable behavior can easily kill humans while they're having fun. Unfortunately, dozens of kiteboarders have lost their lives while sailing in coastal regions and open seas.

Learning how to kiteboard in a certified kite school is mandatory. What if there weren't specific rules for kitesurfing schools? Who would decide who's a professional kite instructor? Is there a standard rule book for kitesurfing lessons?

Just like in surfing, the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) has defined official kitesurfing guidelines for schools, coaches, and instructors. If you want to be a kiteboarder, you don't have to make choices based on trust anymore.... [Jeff Blemaster Entrepreneur]

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The best kitesurfing spots I've been too in the Philippines

Jeff Blemaster KitesurfingAs kitesurfing has only picked up in the last five years, the infrastructure for kitesurfers can be hard to find. There are, however, a few spots with IKO-certified instructors, rental gear, accommodations and boats to charter for island-hopping. Here are a few we recommend for your first Philippine kitesurf experience:

Pagudpud Peninsula coast (Ilocos Norte)
Rustic and rural at the northernmost tip of the Philippines. The place to get away from crowds. Big wave breaks and conditions for more experienced kiteboarders and a few resorts on the beachfront. Try Kingfisher Beach in the north.
Bagasbas Beach (Bicol)
A small fishing town with quiet scenery; surfer zone since the 1980s. Join their annual international kite competitions.
Coron and Calamianes Islands (Palawan)
To the west of the country's coast lies stunning scenery and seclusion. Lots of options: open water chop, mirror-flat, emerald water with nature's beautiful backdrop. To help you navigate and island-hop with ease, there's a solar-powered kite camp on a private island, set up just for kitesurfers.
Bulabog Beach (Boracay)
On of the most popular kitesurfing breaks in the Philippines. It offers hiring centers, bars, kite schools and a turquoise lagoon that receives cross-onshore NE monsoon winds.
Cuyo Islands (Palawan)
A total of eight islets that can be reached by boat. Try riding Victoria Beach, or the side onshore wind of Capusan Beach....   [Jeff Blemaster Kitesurfing]

Jeff Blemaster Rode The Waves, And Felt The Breezes, On Israel’s Coast

Jeff Blemaster EntrepreneurIn these days of warm weather, Israel’s Mediterranean coast attracts thousands of joggers and sunbathers, swimmers and Frisbee throwers, paddleball players and people who come to watch the scene or eat an al fresco meal in the breeze.
And today they come for kite surfing.
According to kite surfing experts, the best seasons along the Mediterranean are May through June, and September through October. Optimum time on the Sea of Galilee is July through August; in Eilat, spring and autumn.
This month is a perfect time to head to the Mediterranean. All you need is a surfboard and a big kite.... Jeff Blemaster Kitesurfing

Catch Jeff Blemaster at the Edge Cup taking place in Exmouth in June

Jeff Blemaster Entrepreneur     The Edge Race Cup, due to take place on June 6 and 7, and 7th June, has become the biggest national kitesurfing competition and is attracting worldwide interest as the warm-up event for the International Sailing Federation World Cup (ISAF) in Weymouth just days later.
Now in its fifth year, the event will see top racers compete for the British Championship with entrants already confirmed from France, Germany, Ireland and Poland.... Jeff Blemaster Entrepreneur

Jeff Blemaster & Kitesurfers returning to Cayman

Jeff Blemaster EntrepreneurInternational kitesurfing competition returns to Grand Cayman next year. The Rock International Open (TRIO) is scheduled for the Heroes Day weekend, Jan. 22-25.
Some of the world’s top athletes in the sport are scheduled to compete, including defending champions Chris Bobryk and Hope Levin. Also due to return are Eric Riestra, Alex Fox and one of kitesurfing’s legendary veterans, Billy Parker... Jeff Blemaster Entrepreneur